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Happiness does not consist in things,

But in the relish we have of them.

Do not educate children to be rich,

Educate them to be happy,

So that when they grow up

they will know the value of

things and not just the price.



Difficulties In Your Life

In our life don’t read success stories,

In these stories you will get only message.

Read only failure stories, in these stories

you will get some ideas to get success.


Dreams fulfilling

Dreams are not those which

comes while we are sleeping,

But dreams are those when you

don’t sleep before fulfilling them.

Happy New Year 2016….

Happy New Year 2016 With Happiness & Love

New Year is not about changing the dates

But direction,

It’s not about changing the calendar

But commitment,

It’s not about changing the actions

But attitude.

May each and every day of yours is renewed

with lots of happiness and love.

Happy New Year 2016….


Seven Secrets of Success……


Seven secrets of success

I found the answer in our room.

  1. Fan said           :   Be cool
  2. Roof said         :   Aim high
  3. Mirror Said      :   Reflect before you act
  4. Calendar said   :   Be up-to-date
  5. Clock said        :   Every minute is precious
  6. Window said    :   See the world
  7. Door said         :   Push hard to achieve your goals.

Successful People……

Success seems to be connected with action.

Successful people keep moving.

They make mistakes,

But they don’t quit.

Success And Happiness……

Success is not the key of happiness.

Happiness is the key of success.

If you love what you are doing,

you will be successful.

Successful Person……

Man on top of mountain

Every successful person has a painful story,

Every painful story has a success ending,

Accept the pain and get ready to success.



Success is never achieved by the size of your Brain.

It is always achieved by the size of your Thoughts.


Success  is not permanent…

Failure is not final..!

So, never stop working after success

Never stop trying after failure..!