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Ego is just a small three letter word,

Which can destroy a big twelve

letter word called Relationship.

So, be a bigger person skip

the “e” and let it “go” !



Trust in Relationship

We never know why we like

someone more then others.

Why we love someone

without reason.

Why we feel happy

with there presence

Because some relations

have no explanations.



A relationship without

Trust is like having a

phone with no service.

And what do you do with

a phone with no service ?

You play Games.


Trust in Relationship

Trust is the glue of Life.

It’s the most essential ingredient

in effective communication

It’s the foundational principle

that holds all relationships.



A great relationship is about two things

First :

Find out the similarities,

Second :

Respect the Differences.

Never Break Four Things In Your Life….

Sad Man

Never break four things in your life :-

  1. Trust
  2. Promise
  3. Relation
  4. Heart

Because when they break they

don’t make noise but pains a lot.


Relationships are like birds.

If you hold tightly, they die.

If you hold loosely, they fly.

But if you hold with care,

they remain with you forever.