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Happy Holi….

Happy Holi

Blue is Song,

Yellow is Music,

Green is Dance,

Red is Love,

And Pink is for Joy,

I wish all these colours,

May fall on you and your family.





Happiness does not consist in things,

But in the relish we have of them.

Do not educate children to be rich,

Educate them to be happy,

So that when they grow up

they will know the value of

things and not just the price.

Happy Krishna Janmashtami….

Happy Krishna Janmashtami

May the love and blessing of lord Krishna….

Fill your life with Happiness and virtues.

on janmashtami and Always.


Trust in Relationship

We never know why we like

someone more then others.

Why we love someone

without reason.

Why we feel happy

with there presence

Because some relations

have no explanations.


Love Heart

It is amazing when someone

comes in your life and you

expect nothing out of it.

But suddenly right in front of

you is everything you ever need.

This is Love….

Love Is A Cycle….

Love Is A Cycle

When you Love, you get Hurt.

When you get Hurt, you Hate.

When you Hate, you try to Forget.

When you try to Forget, you start Missing

And when you start Missing,

You’ll eventually fall in Love again.

Happy Valentine’s Day….

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine’s is a time for Love,

Valentine’s is a time for celebrate Life,

Valentine’s is a time to Give & Forgive and

Valentine’s is a time to say a prayer for

you who touched my Life.

Happy Valentine’s Day….





Respect those friends

who find time for you in

their busy schedule.

But really love those friends

who never see their schedule

when you need them….

Happy Lohri….

Happy lohri

Wish you a very HAPPY LOHRI.

May the Lohri Fire Burn All your

Sorrows and Moments of Sadness

And Bring you the Warmth of Joy,

Happiness and Love.

Happy New Year 2016….

Happy New Year 2016 With Happiness & Love

New Year is not about changing the dates

But direction,

It’s not about changing the calendar

But commitment,

It’s not about changing the actions

But attitude.

May each and every day of yours is renewed

with lots of happiness and love.

Happy New Year 2016….