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Life is a gift

Whatever happens in life,

Just relax and try to manage with a smile.

Life is not a problem to solve,

It’s a gift to get experience.


Happy New Year 2017….



New Year’s marks a new beginning.

New people to meet,

New adventures to enjoy,

and new memories to create.

Here’s wishing you the Happiest New Year ever

Happy New Year 2017….




Happiness does not consist in things,

But in the relish we have of them.

Do not educate children to be rich,

Educate them to be happy,

So that when they grow up

they will know the value of

things and not just the price.



Life is full of beauty.

Notice it. Notice the bumble bee,

The small child and the smiling faces.

Smell the rain and feel the wind.

Live your life to the fullest potential

And fight for your dreams.


Difficulties In Your Life

In our life don’t read success stories,

In these stories you will get only message.

Read only failure stories, in these stories

you will get some ideas to get success.



Life is like a coin

Pleasure and pain

are the two sides.

Only one side is

visible at a time.

But remember other side

is waiting for its turn.



Ego is just a small three letter word,

Which can destroy a big twelve

letter word called Relationship.

So, be a bigger person skip

the “e” and let it “go” !


Dreams fulfilling

Dreams are not those which

comes while we are sleeping,

But dreams are those when you

don’t sleep before fulfilling them.

Life Is Difficult….


Life is difficult for everyone.

We all have stress and we all need

someone in our lives that we can lean on .

Never think that you cannot talk to

someone because they have problems to or that

your friend or loved one would be better off

without you or your problems.

You’ll  soon find out that they need

you just as much as you need them.



The greatest thing about

dreams is they don’t expire.

They can lay dormant for years

and when you pull them out

and dust them off,

they shine like new.